Archiving Software Archiving that stores your backups long-term beyond variable retention periods

For businesses that fall under regulations like HIPAA in the United States or similar regulations in other countries, data archiving may be a compliance requirement. But even if your company isn’t regulated, using backup archiving solutions is still a good practice.
The cloud storage in Point 2 Point Disaster Recovery® backup and archiving software retains archives independently of backup retention configuration.

Because Point 2 Point Disaster Recovery Backup bills you based on the amount of data being protected (selected size), your costs do not increase as archived data grows. Over time, this becomes an increasingly valuable benefit.

From full-image restores to the recovery of critical applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, or file- and folder-level recovery, Point 2 Point Disaster Recovery cloud backup archiving is designed to help protect servers, applications, workstations, and Office 365 data, to let you focus on the business

Data Archiving

The practice of identifying data that is no longer active and moving it out of production systems into long-term storage systems is known as data archiving. For some businesses, this is a compliance requirement.

Here at Point 2 Point Disaster Recovery Inc., we can help with data archiving. Even if your company is not regulated, this practice is still considered a smart business move, and we can provide you with more information. We can help with everything from automatic data backup to archiving solutions that are built to fit your needs. Cloud backup providers can help set up archive schedules, and the data will be stored in such a way that it can be brought back into service at any time.

Why is Data Archiving Important?

This strategy will optimize the way necessary resources perform in the active system, and users can quickly access data archive storage devices or data archiving plans for easy retrieval. Cloud backup providers will help you keep archived data in one area. Recovery is much easier when all data is securely consolidated and accessible in one central location. When this strategy is combined with automatic data backup, your fears regarding data loss and recovery will be eliminated. And in the event of data loss, you can rest assured that everything is recoverable.

The right plan will allow you to recover a file from last year as quickly and efficiently as from today's backup, and if your policy requires scheduled retention cleanup, this process will be straightforward and quick.

Secure Data Storage

Data archiving is critical, and it is a must that this strategy is done securely to enable the long-term retention and storage of data. Valuable information will be placed in secure locations and can be used as needed. Once your critical information is stored in an archived data management system, the information will remain accessible, and its integrity will be protected.

Archiving is a must if your business or organization acquires new information regularly yet needs to retain existing data. You will be able to retrieve both types quickly while enjoying many benefits, including the use of fewer resources in production systems and reduced storage costs. Your production systems will also be able to run more efficiently, and you will notice increased capacity.

If you are ready for enhanced productivity, easier backup, higher growth and improved ability to meet compliance requirements, our team is prepared to help. We specialize in storing data in the cloud and offer server backup services. Whether you want to install an Azure backup server or are interested in more information regarding cloud backup, contact us anytime to find out more!