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Point 2 Point Inc.
Point 2 Point Inc.


Your data is unreadable without the private encryption key. Choose for the customer to keep the key, or share it with you.

Point 2 Point Inc.


Choose the data you want backed up. Decide where it's stored. It's up to you..Canada / U.S.A,

Experience the power,  speed, and efficiency

Point 2 Point Inc. DR reduces the technical and logistical obstacles associated with traditional backup processes and provides you with a cloud-based restore solution that's both cutting edge and easy to use. 

Archiving Your Data

Point 2 Point Inc. DR is set up with a mechanism to clear certain files after 28 days. But it just as easy to archive these files just by marking backup sessions as 'archived'. Once so marked, this backup will never be deleted up to and until that designation is altered.