Server Cloud Backup

Server Backup Service in Toronto

Data backup from computers to the cloud is called server cloud backup. Technology that is either given by the cloud backup provider or 3rd-party applications can be used to accomplish this. To guarantee that the latest data is always secured, the backup procedure can be automated and programmed to execute at certain times.

Point 2 Point Server cloud backup for businesses works by transferring and storing the contents on your server to a server in a particular geographical place. A firm can back up a portion or all server data based on the choice.

Customers often use an internet browser or even the control centre of a service supplier to restore and back up their apps and information. Many businesses keep their mission-critical data and applications on servers with Point 2 Point Server cloud backup.

Why Choose Server Cloud Backup

Leveraging cutting-edge software from Point 2 Point, automated cloud backup is a user-friendly server backup service. Rest assured that your data is secure by giving you the resources you need quickly and simply setting up automatic backups.

Simple to Control

Thanks to a simple control panel, you may create or administer cloud backup operations quickly and effortlessly. Files can be recovered instantly, backup strategies can be developed, and cloud storage can be monitored.


Instantly deploy to a single server or hundreds of devices. You control the files, how long they are retained, and how and when servers are back to the cloud.


AES-256-bit encryption and 2048-bit SSL provide secure encryption algorithms while in transit and at rest. Between both the server and our online cloud service, files are sent confidentially.

What You Get With Point 2 Point Server Backup Service

You will enjoy the following services by getting the Point 2 Point server automated cloud backup solution.

All Resources Are 100% Devoted to You

No resources are shared with other versions, neighbours, or stolen; they are allotted to you for the maximum defined outcome. With a single hosting, you always have 100% of the CPU available, allowing you to perform latency-sensitive applications and programs.

Configuring Storage Specifically

You can pick from a selection of HDD, SSD, and NVMe Sd card solutions whether you require servers for games and broadcasting or intricate, resource-intensive architectures. There is also RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10.

Establish private networks

With the aid of networking tools like switching, routers, and computer firewalls, you may create private networking and connect your servers.

Forever DDoS Defense

Always-on DDoS mitigation provides network-level security for worldwide networks. On our infrastructure, we automatically classify and counteract DDoS attacks.

Customize Your Device as Necessary

Changing your configuration settings can accommodate even the most demanding loads and programs. Although it takes a little longer to configure, we can work with you while designing your server.

Web UI for Simple Administration

With only a few keystrokes and frictional pressure capabilities, the web UI simplifies using cloud services and managing accounts.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Point 2 Point for a world-class backup service to protect your personal and enterprise data.