Malware continues to evolve because threat actors attempt to avoid detection and penetrate cybersecurity technologies worldwide. While organizations work diligently to secure their networks through detection-based defences and protection, the risk still exists. As malware continues to evolve constantly, your security should too. 

Malware & Ransomware Can Cripple a Business

The reality is that several companies fall victim to ransomware attacks every minute, and this is a severe problem. There has been a surge in malware attacks, and the number of defensive technologies has increased as a result. Such technologies are attempting to combat this malware problem. However, these defences are often based on the concept of detection, and the problem with this type of protection is that it will only detect things it has “seen” before and not anything new that appears. This makes it less effective, and your security may not be able to offer you the protection you need. 

Cybersecurity is attempting to strengthen such defences, and while sandboxes can help, attackers are learning how to spot them. Artificial Intelligence and Learning Algorithms can be helpful; however, they use computing power to detect a previously seen threat faster. Cybercriminals are aware of this fact and look to attack organizations with malware that the defence has not seen before. In these instances, the security will regard the malware as safe because it will be unable to recognize it, and cybercriminals are always one step ahead of the game. 

Security Measures Against Malware for Business

For this reason, your anti-malware must keep pace, and your security must evolve; otherwise, you will be constantly attacked. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly creative, and all companies must consistently implement new approaches to malware protection to strengthen their current cyber defences. 

To get ahead, you must invest in the right approach and must use technology where all content is assumed to be potentially malicious. None of the original data should ever reach the endpoint, and your technology should not impact the user experience. Your organization’s safety must be prioritized, and teaming up with the right company will ensure your company is safe from malware and attacks. 

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