A business should never experience downtime because this can result in lost revenue. Planning ahead and creating an effective disaster recovery plan can prevent this from happening, and your operations can continue if you are able to rebound quickly after disaster strikes.

What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan? 

It is a plan consisting of resources and processes that your business can use to restore apps, data, equipment, digital assets and network operations should you experience an unplanned disruption. Theft, cybercrime and natural disasters can all interrupt business operations or limit access to data, but a disaster recovery plan will help your company get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Companies can choose to write their own disaster recovery plans, or they can contract with a managed service provider who specializes in disaster recovery. Regardless of which option you choose, the importance of a disaster recovery plan cannot be denied.

Why Invest in a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Safeguarding your server data with backups will preserve your information and protect it in the event of a disaster, and this plan is an essential component of any business. Cybercrime is a serious problem, and companies of every size can become targets which is why you cannot take any risks. You never know when your company may be affected, and a disaster recovery plan will prevent panic as your business will be able to continue even when faced with disaster. 

What Should Your Plan Include?

An Effective Strategy

Your plan must include steps for prevention, preparation and recovery. 

Key Team Members Who Can Carry Out the Plan

Identify key team members to carry out your instructions and clearly define roles for effectiveness. Make sure every member of your team knows their role in the plan and communicate this information to your entire staff to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Clear Objectives and Priorities

What are the most critical parts of your business that must be restored first? Prioritize your business operations and objectives and create your plan around this information. Make sure you detail the most important aspects of your business in your plan to ensure time is not wasted on nonessential operations. 

Solid Backups

Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the backup process and understand server cloud backup services. You won’t want to waste time figuring out where everything is, and knowing where data is stored will allow you to restore it immediately. 

Testing Protocols

Even the best of plans may not always work the way you want, which is why you must test your disaster recovery plan regularly. This will help foolproof your plan, and you will know what to expect if you experience a real disaster. 


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