Cybercriminals work hard to develop new and innovative ways to target data and networks. They become more creative with their ideas, and ransomware becomes more sophisticated every year, which is why millions of people and businesses are targeted yearly. Such attacks cost companies billions of dollars, and cybercriminals have become highly profitable in the past few years as more people started working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most companies were not prepared to secure a remote workforce and had to rely on remote desktop protocol and strained VPN infrastructures, leaving the door open for cyber-attacks. 

The Prevalence of Ransomware

The reality is that ransomware has become very lucrative because it is easy to deploy. There are sophisticated kits readily available on the dark web, and only a small investment and minimal coding skills are required. Whether an employee, business owner, contractor, or partner, ransomware can trick anyone through a convincing-looking email containing a malicious link or attachment. Once you click on this link, it will trigger malware that can lock up files or piggyback on existing pathways in the network to find, access, and encrypt critical databases. 

Affected organizations will have several headaches to deal with, including loss of data, system disruptions, and the inability to serve customers for long periods. Depending on the severity of the situation, a complete operational shutdown may be necessary until systems, networks, or data are restored. Anyone who falls victim to this kind of attack will have to face financial, operational, reputational, and perhaps even regulatory consequences. 

Handling a Ransomware Attack Against Your Business

The damage from ransomware attacks is very severe, and all organizations must know how to handle ransomware. Protection is a must, as is education because people need to understand the consequences of clicking on things they are unsure about. All users must be trained, and you must maintain backups of all business-critical data and information. Disaster recovery plans are necessary, and every company must have these in place. Failure to create a plan is negligent, and your business can suffer tremendously as a result. Planning thoroughly for a disaster will help because most companies will fall victim to a security incident at some level. 

Even with thorough planning, you still need strong ransomware protection—the best defense. Preventative security controls are crucial to prevent the spread of ransomware and eliminate such concerns. 

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